My Story

What fascinated me about code and web development was that I could take a few lines of code and manipulate what you see on the computer and on a web site. I started to learn how to code online using free tutorials. My background is logistics from my US Army career and earning a Logistics Systems Management B.S. at Colorado Tech. I enjoyed my logistics career, but I wanted to explore other career options with code and my acquired analytical skills are helping me pursue a career in full stack web development.

I love living in Wyoming and love the rich history of this state with cowboys, ranchers and even dinosaurs. Yes, Wyoming had dinosaurs a long time ago and there are great places to visit to see fossils and dinosaur bones. One place that comes to mind is Thermopolis, Wyoming. I love sitting on my back porch and watching the big fluffy clouds turn yellow, gold and then copper as the sun sets in the west.


Christina Chronister